What precautions do you take to prevent cross-contamination?

We are acutely aware of the risks involved with cross-contamination. In fact that is why we produce in a Gluten Free Certified kitchen and have extremely thorough commercial cleaning practices. We clean and sanitize everything between batches as an added precaution. All employees are trained on cross-contamination risks as well. It’s something we take very seriously and we’re happy to explain in further detail if you want more peace of mind on the matter.

My child is allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, nuts, … can he eat better bites bakery products?

Yes! We make cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, bites, and brownies for people with multiple food allergies. The sprinkles on the vanilla and strawberry cakeballs do have corn in them, but otherwise, everything else is corn-free.


Are your products tree nut free?

No, some of our products are made with coconut milk, which the FDA classifies as a tree nut.  We leave it up to you to decide whether or not coconut is safe in your particular circumstance.


Have your products been tested to prove that they are gluten free?

Yes! And everything passed the test! We currently have a policy with GFCO. They come out annually to do a site visit, as well as pull random product to test at our retailers.

Diet Restrictions

Your products don’t taste gluten free (and everything else free!), what’s the catch?

No catch, we just use very high quality, certified gluten free ingredients and it shows in the taste. We also have spent countless hours in the kitchen trying to find the perfect blend of flours and substitutions to try to come up with the best tasting products possible. So, in short… the best ingredients and lots of practice!



Yes, all of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified. You can read more about The Non-GMO Project here.


Do you have sugar free versions of your treats?

Our natural sugar free line will be launching soon. We do not use any sugar substitutes that are not naturally-derived.


Are your products Feingold Diet friendly?   

Yes, all of our treats are completely Feingold friendly. We do not use any artificial dyes or preservatives.


Can I get a list of ingredients used in a specific product?

Sure, please go to the page with the product you are interested in and click on the Nutrition and Ingredients link.

how to enjoy our products

what's the best temperature for storage?

For consumers - we recommend you keep the product refrigerated. If you buy ambient product we CANNOT GUARANTEE that storing them in a fridge will increase their life. 

If you buy frozen product, let thaw for a few hours before serving. After thawing the product has its ambient shelf life.


what's the best temperature to enjoy BBB products? 

Better Bites products are best enjoyed at room temperature.


refrigeration dates/freezer dates? 

Products can be kept refrigerated for 14 days, or frozen for 6 months. The Bites can be kept ambient for 30 days, refrigerated for 6 months and frozen for a year.



We ship frozen and it is up to you to slack the product out. The date on our boxes is the frozen expiration date. Each retailer needs to date the product for expiration depending on how they decide to store it. We recommend everything gets refrigerated.


Do you do custom orders?

We are no longer a custom bakery, however it doesn’t keep us from being at your special event! You can find us in Bakery sections in H-E-B’s and Whole Foods, and a handful of other stores. Please check out our store locator!