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dō bites

Remember when you were a kid and you used to eat the cookie dough straight out of the bowl? Now, with our dō-lectable, dō-lightful, and dō-licious chocolate-enrobed cookie dough bites, you can relive the magic of childhood without the allergies or the wrist slap.




We took America's favorite cupcake and reimagined it with vegan, gluten-free chocolate and a whipped, coconut-cream filling. Then we went one step further and made two different sizes. From the first bite to the last, you'll be beggin' for mo'.


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cake balls

Packable and snackable, our guilt-free, gluten-free cake balls are the perfect size for when you want to have a little cake on-the-go without the mess. Poppable and portable, you'll swear these cake balls are a little taste of heaven.  


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How do you make classic brownies even better? You take out the dairy and the gluten, and you make them classroom friendly! Packed with rich, vegan chocolate chip morsels, our Brownies are baked to perfection and the talk of the town.


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Amore Cake

Getting ready for your next party, but not sure which friends have dietary preferences? Don't worry! Your friends and family will fall in love with our one-of-a-kind, Amore Cake. Our fluffy chocolate cake is layered with our Chocolate BETTERcream frosting and topped with a drizzled chocolate ganache, making this a chocolate lover's dream!